SVARTAHRID – Malicious Pride

SVARTAHRID - Malicious Pride

Origin: Norway
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2008

The new album of Svartahrid is released. The first step to their comeback was taken last year with “Sadness and Wrath” and now their fourth work is available. There are no surprises in the music path they continue to follow, or in their overall sound, but the improvements in their composition and production quality are obvious!

The Norwegian trio presents 48 minutes of aggressive epic norge black metal. The tempo is at mid and high speed most of the time, but nothing too extreme… Their songs follow the usual epic riffing, changing to more melodic parts combined with discrete keys. In my opinion the composition quality of the songs (especially in their melodic parts) is very high, and this makes the album stand above their previous work. The vocals are really “enraged” full of passion and expression, while the lyrics are half English and half Norwegian.

“Malicious Pride” is totally their most complete work, with very full and solid sound that seems to exceed the underground standards. I am sure it’s going to fully satisfy their fans, since despite the differences (improvements in my opinion) it’s still 100% Svartahrid. Ιf you’ve never heard of them but you are into epic black metal (without majestic keys and choirs) you should check them. You can get a taste in their myspace profile.


Rating:  (9/10)

Svartahrid @ Myspace

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