SVAFNIR – The Heathen Chapters

SVAFNIR – The Heathen Chapters

Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Acoustic Pagan Black Metal
Label: Galgenstrang Produktionen
Year: 2008

Svafnir is a one-man band from Germany. Alexander Suplie does everything in this project that exists from 2004. After two demos and two self released mini albums “Pfad des Nebels” in 2006 and “Aufbruch” in 2007, their first officially distributed full-length “The Heathen Chapters” is released by Galgenstrang Produktionen.

“The Heathen Chapters” contains the complete album “Aufbruch” re-mastered (the 7 first songs) and 5 new songs. Svafnir’s music in “Aufbruch” is mainly acoustic folk, based totally on guitars and whispered vocals. There are also a few pagan black metal parts in 2 songs, where the acoustic guitars are mixed with electric ones and screaming vocals (not very good to be fair, neither the clean nor the black ones). I like these two songs though and I believe that with a better production and vocals Svafnir can create excellent pagan black metal. In the 5 new songs all black metal influences are gone and the music is totally acoustic, with the addition though of some electric guitars. After listening many times to this album I definitely got into it… Its simplicity is enchanting, showing honest, true and inspired intentions behind it. There is a pagan nostalgic atmosphere in their music and a relaxing tranquil feeling, like when you are sitting under the forest trees and listen to the sounds of nature.

Svafnir’s first album and demos were pagan black metal, but “The Heathen Chapters” has a different approach. I don’t know what Alexander will do in the future, but I have to admit that his acoustic guitars are some of the best I‘ve listened in a long period of time and his melodies are magical. So I hope he will continue mixing pagan metal and acoustic music like in “Aufbruch”, since he is good in both styles and variety works always better for me. This band came totally out of nowhere, but I believe they deserve your attention. The CD is released with a beautifully illustrated booklet.


Rating:  (9/10)


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