MÖRKER – Höstmakter

MÖRKER – Höstmakter

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Year: 2008

After their debut EP “Den Sista Utfärden” in 2005 playing pagan black metal in the vein of Dimmu Borgir’s first works and their first full-length “Skuggornas Rike” in 2006, where they had a more personal sound, Mörker (Darkness in English) return with their new album “Höstmakter”.

Their sound of this Swedish band has evolved a lot compared to their previous works. They are still in the general category of pagan black metal, but there are many differences. Their music is much more mainstream, more melodic and with a great technical skills’ improvement. Guitars have the lead role in the songs with many changes, rhythmic parts, melodic parts, acoustic parts, etc. and even some solos! The vocals have an “evil” tone and the lyrics in their native language deal with the Swedish nature, darkness, autumn and winter… Some of the songs have also a more epic mood, especially in the melodies of the guitars. Another great element in the band’s sound is the very clever use of synths (especially of piano), that completes the songs adding up to their melody.

It is obvious that this time the composition took more time and effort and the songs have a much more personal sound. The production is also much better and the band has a crystal clear and powerful sound, while the cd is released by Northern Silence both in jewel case and in a wonderful A5 digipak. Fans of the genre should check them without hesitation.


Rating:  (8/10)

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