HOIA BACIU released debut album

HOIA BACIU - Nradacinat

Romanian folk black metal project Hoia Baciu from Timișoara has just released its debut full-length album “‘Nrădăcinat” digitally. The project started 2 years ago by Giurgeca Alexandru with the help of Andrei Oltean, his fellow colleague from E-an-na, Prohod and Warchant. The project name Hoia Baciu comes from the forest itself near Cluj Napoca that has a reputation for its “paranormal activities” and strange shaped trees. The album concept is about the lost bond between man and nature, which resulted in haunted trails of rural settlements. ”‘Nrădăcinat” contains 9 instrumental tracks, including a Marţolea cover and one song with Andrei Oltean’s vocals. The beautiful artwork is edited by Sărăcel. The album is available on the band’s official Bandcamp page and you better check it, because it is simply amazing!!!

1. Hoia Baciu – 04:08                  
2. Răzvrătirea – 03:23
3. Jalea – 05:00
4. Cărare – 01:30
5. Valea (Ft. Andrei Oltean) – 04:12
6. Sătesc – 04:50
7. A uitării – 11:06
8. Apus – 04:22
9. Zgriminţeş (Marţolea Cover) – 06:04

Giurgeca (Halbe Pline) Alexandru – guitars, bass, blockflute, caval, drum programming
Andrei Oltean – bagpipe, keyboards, ethnic wind instruments, vocals

Hoia Baciu @ Facebook
Hoia Baciu @ Bandcamp


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