KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI will soon release new EP


Symphonic fantasy folk metal warriors Kivimetsän Druidi from Kouvola, Finland will end their six year recording silence, releasing the brand new EP “The Lost Captains” on April 15th, 2016. It will be released both in CD edition and digitally in music stores and streaming services. There will be three songs on the EP, one of which is the epic and irresistibly catchy “Night Before the Dark”, whose audio video you can watch below. Kivimetsän Druidi have developed musically from the lighter folk metal into more heavy and progressive direction. These three new songs provide an excellent picture of the band’s current style and genre. Kivimetsän Druidi will be seen live quite a lot during this Spring, Summer and Fall. Their next gigs will be at ummers Club in Oulu 16th of April (with Vorna), at On The Rocks in Helsinki 7th of May and at Pioneeri Festivaali in Kouvola 15th-16th of July.

1. The Lost Captains
2. Night Before the Dark
3. Whispers of the Wind

Kivimetsän Druidi official page
Kivimetsän Druidi @ Facebook
Kivimetsän Druidi @ Twitter


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