MORGART – Die Türme

MORGART – Die Türme

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Black Tower Productions
Year: 2007

This is the second album of the Swiss band Morgart. Morgart is somehow the continuation of an old black metal band Forsth, that split-up on 1999. Later Gonahr (one of the members of Forsth) decide to create this band. After their impressive debut “Die Schlacht (In Acht Sinfonien)” in 2005, where they played symphonic atmospheric epic medieval black metal, they return with a very different album.

Their music isn’t easy to describe. Maybe the term symphonic operatic blackish metal is the closest, but that’s not very precise… There are many keyboards that have the leading role in the songs with really nice ideas that relax and travel the listener back in time. The guitars are actually accompanying the melodies and the rhythms of the synths and they give a black metal touch to “Die Türme”, even though the vocals never become extreme. There are only clean male vocals and many opera-style singing (only male again). It’s like a lighter version of their previous work, but with this new ambitious experiment in the vocal lines. All the lyrics are in German and they deal with medieval towers from their homeland. Except for their music, Morgart like to search for their nation’s medieval history something that is obvious in the beautiful photos of their booklet and in their lyrics.

Coming to the music itself now, the whole result is very melodic, nostalgic and melancholic. It’s like a dark medieval soundtrack with many great ideas in the melodies and vocals. I believe that the vocals can take some improvement, since it’s not easy to sing this way, but of course they are at a very satisfying level for a first effort! I sure would like to listen to some black metal screams again (I think they still fit their music), but on the other hand, I welcome their new path, that can become better in the future. In their myspace page you can find some samples of their new album (unluckily nothing yet from their excellent debut). Recommended to all who like symphonic experimental music, or to black metal fans who’d like to rest their eardrums for a while…


Rating:  (8/10)

Morgart @ Myspace

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