VELDES unveil upcoming album details

VELDES - Ember Breather

One-man atmospheric black metal project Veldes from Slovenia will release its news album entitled “Ember Breather” via the Chinese label Pest Productions. ”Ember Breather” is going to be the second full-length album from the band and its 5th release totally, including two EPs and a split album with Black Autumn. Tilen Šimon started this project in 2012 combining excellent melodic black metal with acoustic passages and piano parts. His new album will be out in the end of June 2016 in a limited to 500 copies digipak CD edition. Cover artwork and album tracklist are just unveiled.

1. The Roamer’s Curse                         
2. Void Path King
3. To Ruins of Throneless Realm
4. Dust Scatterer
5. Crowned in Oblivion

Veldes @ Facebook
Veldes @ Bandcamp

VELDES - Ember Breather - flyer


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