Origin: Italy
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal Gothic Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2008

Lord Agheros is quite an unknown band from Sicily, Italy. It’s another one man’s band and the musician behind it, Evangelou Gerassimos, comes from Greece. The band exists from 1999, but it was just 2007 that they self-released their debut album “Hymn”. One year later (autumn 200Smilie: 8) My Kingdom Music released their second album “As-a-Sin”.

Lord Agheros music can be described as extreme Gothic metal, or symphonic melodic black metal with many ambient influences. The vocals, which are definitely extreme, along with some guitars in the background from time to time, are the only black metal elements in their music. The whole result is very melodic, with many synths and acoustic passages. The songs have a slow tempo and the mood is very melancholic and nostalgic, with a Gothic renaissance atmosphere. The production (especially when guitars make their appearance) isn’t very good, but the ambient soundtrack-like parts are ok. A very sad piano gives a dark atmosphere to the music, creating a sorrowful haunting feeling. I would say that the more quiet symphonic parts (with some Mediterranean elements and scales) are more often than the extreme metal parts and Lord Agheros are much better in their melodic side, compared to their black one. Anyway the combination of these two faces is what gives the band its identity and attracts my interest.

Even though the band is new and unknown I believe it deserves a chance. I give “Hymn” this big rating mainly due to their really beautiful melodies, ignoring some problems in the sound that I expect to be improved in the future. If you like a very melodic enchanting form of extreme metal with many ambient/soundtrack elements, Lord Agheros can be for you. Anyway the final judge is your ear.


Rating:  (8/10)

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