LEGION OF DOOM – The Horned Made Flesh

LEGION OF DOOM – The Horned Made Flesh

Origin: Greece
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Zyklon-B Productions
Year: 2008

The time for the fourth full-length album by one of the oldest Greek black metal bands has come! 3 years after their last work, that was followed by 3 split releases (2 EPs and a CD), their new work entitled “The Horned Made Flesh” is released by the Greek label Zyklon-B Productions.

Legion of Doom was founded in 1990 and they managed to make a good name, mainly in the underground scene always releasing good albums. They had a big break in their discography from 1997 and their second album “For Those of the Blood” until 2005, where their third album “God is Dead” was released. For those who know them, there are no surprises in their new album. They continue to play melodic keyboard based black metal like in their previous album and they are actually very good at it. Soundtrack-like synths have a very important role enriching the sound of the band, while keys have a lead part in the melodies of the songs.

I think it is their most melodic album so far and the band has made a nice work in the compositions. There are some parts in the songs where they are totally instrumental, helping the band to sound darker and more sad. Of course they still remain black metal, especially in the riffs and the great screaming vocals, but mostly in the essence of their music. There are also few clean male incantations that add to the mystic atmosphere of the album. The sound and the production in general could be better, but it’s ok and definitely the best they ever had. The overall result is very solid and the balance between melody and black metal at the right level.

The Horned Made Flesh” is my favorite work from Legion of Doom and it is released in many different formats to chose: LP, CD, slipcase CD, digipak and A5 digibook, all with different covers!! You can get a taste of the band at their myspace profile.


Rating:  (8/10)

Legion of Doom @ Myspace

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