VINTERGATA released new album

VINTERGATA - Lands of Plague

Dark fantasy blackened metallers VintergatA from Russia / Finland have just released their second full-length album, entitled “Lands of Plague“. The band, that has now an international line-up, recruited a lot of guest members for the vocals of this album, including Maria Kolokouri (Astarte), Robert Fudali (Graveland), Nataliia Androsova and Svetlana Bodnya. “Lands of Plague” was mixed, mastered and produced by Vladimir Lehtinen and Blastbear Sound. The album artwork is by Alex Tartsus Art Studios, while all lyrics are written by Viktor Storm. For now “Lands of Plague” is available digitally in VintergatA’s official Bandcamp page, while a CD version may follow in the future.

1. In Steel Breath of Severe Cold – 01:47
2. Pestilent Carrion (feat Svetlana SilentStorm) – 04:44                   
3. Mirror of Archon (feat Robert Darken Graveland) – 05:08
4. Wyvern – 05:26
5. A Song of Ice and Fire (feat Nataly Malice) – 05:08
6. Queen of the Damned – 04:06
7. Entropy (feat Tristessa Astarte) – 05:47
8. Witch’s Circle (feat Svetlana SilentStorm) – 04:18
9. Fra Vannhulet i Sitt Skarete Hjerte – 05:44
10. The Curse – 06:49

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