TAMÁS KÁTAI released new album

TAMAS KATAI - Slower Structures

Tamás Kátai is the composer and performer behind Hungarian avant-garde black metal project Thy Catafalque and experimental metal band Gire. As a solo artist he released in 2005 his debut album “Erika Szobája“, where Neoclassical, neofolk, ambient elements and chamber music are blending with obscure Hungarian poetry and folklore through a minimalist approach. Eleven years later, on May 2nd 2016, the second solo album of Tamás Kátai entitled “Slower Structures” is out, released by the Russian label GS Productions in a limited to 100 handnumbered copies digipak CD edition. It is also available digitally in the band’s official Bandcamp page. All music is composed by Tamás Kátai with the exception of “Slowing Waters” composed by Tamás Kátai and Balázs Hermann. “Slower Structures“, that moves in the same experimental atmospheric minimalist style of the debut album, was recorded between 2014 and 2016 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Tape recording in “Polimer C90” was taken in 1984 in Makó, Hungary. Artwork and photography is by Tamás Kátai and portrait photography by Gyöngyi Kudlik.

1. Music for Breakfast
2. Raining this Morning
3. Slowing Waters
4. Colour Positive
5. Colour Negative
6. Tea in the Museum
7. A Midday Storm in Marchmont
8. Waltz for Niau
9. Polimer C90
10. Hydrangea Blue
11. Thermal
12. Visage
13. La Galerie Soir

Tamás Kátai – piano and electronics
Dimitris Papageorgiou – violin
Balázs Hermann – contrabass
Gyöngyi Kudlik – voice
Bettina Kátai – voice on tape

Tamás Kátai @ Facebook
Tamás Kátai @ Bandcamp


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