Origin: Finland
Genre: Folk Metal Symphonic Metal
Label: Century Media
Year: 2008

Sometimes it’s easy to tell a band can make great things. I’ve happened to watch Kivimetsän Druidi since their demos and I was surprised by their quality and I was wondering what are they waiting for in order to release a full-length. So when I learned that they signed in Century Media, it was no surprise for me.

The band comes from Finland and it was formed in 2002 by the Koskinen brothers. Their very well produced demos contained songs of symphonic extreme metal with many folk and black (in the vocals) metal elements. Even though their sound is a bit more mainstream now, they are still playing symphonic metal with extreme metal elements, but the folk elements are reduced. The very good female vocals of Leeni-Maria Hovila, who is their new singer, have the leading role in the songs and they are combined with male screams. Keyboards are also very dominant in their music playing most of their melodies, while the guitars have mainly a secondary role.

There is great variety in the songs ranging from symphonic and extreme metal, to ballads and acoustic parts, with many changes in the songs. Technically the album is very good, since production and the quality of sound are almost perfect. 6 of the songs are re-recordings of 3 of their demos, so someone could call it a kind of “best of”. Now that the band seems to have found a solid line-up and a more balanced sound, I expect something even better and more solid from them in the future…

For me it sounds something between Nightwish and Moonsorrow (less epic though). So if you like these bands, or symphonic Finnish metal in general, you should check them. Except for the normal version, the CD comes also in limited digipak format with 2 bonus tracks (containing one cover on The Gathering’s “Leaves”). You can visit their official pages for samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

Kivimetsän Druidi @ Facebook
Kivimetsän Druidi @ Myspace

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