NOCTE OBDUCTA reveal upcoming album details

NOCTE OBDUCTA - Mogontiacum

German black metallers Nocte Obducta from Mainz will release their 11th studio album, “Mogontiacum (After the Night Sunk… )“, on 8th of July 2016 on MDD Records. Today, the band presents the associated cover artwork, which was reacted by drummer Matze and Tom Breuer. The album in its CD edition will contain 10 songs with a running time around 60 minutes. Moreover, there will be released a vinyl version, which appears as a double LP with an additional track. There is also scheduled a special package for collectors and lovers. The band has already unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist. A short video teaser of the album is available and you can watch it below.

Mogontiacum” is likely the possibility that some old fan of the sextet listen attentively. Recently the band had already announced again to increase extreme metal sound in their new work. Now the band goes so far as to call the album after over 10 years as „musical liberation”. Conceptually, “Mogontiacum” is based on material which i.a. was planned as the successor of “Nektar“, but went down in the confusion of the subsequent band history. With resources on this material and fresh songs are Nocte Obducta anno 2016 back on track and combine the old trademarks, which the band owes its special position, with the experimentation of recent years. Equipped with an analog charm “Mogontiacum” is primarily aimed at all those who have supported the band in its now almost 23-year history and it does not lose the future in mind.

1. Am Ende des Sommers
2. Glückliche Kinder
3. Ein Ouzo auf den Nordwind
4. Lethe, Stein und See – Teil I
5. Löschkommando Walpurgisnacht
6. Tango im Festungsgraben
7. Desîhra Mogontiacum
8. Die Pfähler
9. Am Waldrand
10. Lethe, Stein und See – Teil II
11. Im Dunst am Ewigen Grab der Sonne

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