Origin: Germany
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Year: 2008

This is the first full-length album by Kerbenok, a remarkable new band from Germany that was formed back in 2000. After their decent mini CD “Der Erde Entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden)” in 2007 that was re-released in 2008 by Northern Silence, they return with a quality pagan black metal album, a real hidden gem!

Behind Kerbenok are Stefan and Christopher, accompanied by many session members in “O”. They composed a long album (lasting more than 71 mins) with very ambitious intentions. Their music has many different styles mixed together in a controversial way, both professional and underground at the same time. It’s somehow difficult to explain; their sound is definitely primitive and natural, without any “polished” production, but it also reveals great maturity, skills and experience. Raw pagan black metal, atmospheric rock, acoustic guitars, flutes, ambient passages, black metal screams, clean male and female vocals are combined fluently and with great dexterity. It is really impressive how they move from one style to another and how good they are at everything! Unlike other overloaded albums, where musicians try to play everything just to impress, in Kerbenok’s music it comes very natural, like an honest expression of very diverse feelings and emotions. Even though their songs are very complex, they sound simple at the same time and they never tire the listener.

The compositions are totally unpredictable, with many changes both in rhythm, intensity and atmosphere and most of them quite long. They never become too fast or extreme and they create a unique pagan, ritualistic at some parts music. There are some great melodies in the guitars and the refrains, but in general this isn’t an easy to listen album. It belongs to the works that reveal more and more things each time you listen to them, something that in my opinion separates quality music from “easy and catchy” songs without any depth. Their lyrics are in German and they show their love and respect to nature and its wisdom, to the circle of life and immortality of the soul. And they have managed to dress these themes with amazing music, which will “win” you from the moment you let yourself in its beauty… If I have to chose one song that would be the closing track “…in das was Noch Kommen Mag.” with the amazing female vocals…

This album is released by Northern Silence both in normal jewel case version and in a limited to 1000 copies A5 digipak. Since I have the digipak, I can tell that it has incredible artwork! Both the cover illustrations and the works inside the booklet are of high artistic aesthetics. I totally recommend this version, but since artwork itself isn’t enough reason to get this CD, you can take a taste of Kerbenok in their myspace page.


Rating:  (9/10)

Kerbenok @ Myspace

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