BASARABIAN HILLS new album is out


Moldovan atmospheric ambient black metal band Basarabian Hills, the personal project of ‘Spirit of the Forest’ from Făleşti, has just released it’s new album entitled “Attraction“. It is considered as the 6th full-length album of the band, however its total duration is only around 22 minutes. With this new work, Basarabian Hills offers 4 totally instrumental tracks, focusing on the more atmospheric and melodic side of the band. “Attraction” is a digital only release, like the band’s latest works and it can be purchased in Basarabian Hills’ official Bandcamp page.

1. Particle – 6.25
2. Blacklight – 7.25                   
3. Metamorphosis – 5.25
4. Attraction – 2.55

Basarabian Hills @ Facebook
Basarabian Hills @ VK
Basarabian Hills @ Bandcamp


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