KAWIR – Ophiolatreia

KAWIR – Ophiolatreia

Origin: Greece
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Those Opposed Records
Year: 2008

After 2005 comeback with “Arai” Kawir return with their new work “Ophiolatreia” (snake worship). Released in a very beautiful colored digipak, this is their most professional and solid work so far.

Nine songs-hymns to ancient Hellenic gods with a duration of almost one hour of excellent Greek pagan black metal. All compositions are big, with very nice melodies and feeling, creating a unique atmosphere, reviving this great lost civilization. I believe they manage to express perfectly their beliefs through their music offering us a very original result, creating a style of their own!

Even though there are many changes in the sound, the feeling is still pure “Kawir”. One great difference is in the vocals. Porphyrion is doing an excellent job, and he is the best vocalist the band ever had. Vocals are both black and clean with many “deep” recitations, with the absence this time of female ones… Lyrics are in ancient Hellenic, which adds a lot to the feeling and context of the songs, but it’s a pity that foreign listeners won’t be able to get all the beauty of them…

About the music now, it’s pagan black metal with faster and slower parts. There are many keyboards accompanying perfectly the guitars, as well as some acoustic guitars and traditional instruments, but in a limited use. The music is raw, yet very melodic and “majestic” with variety in rhythm and intensity. The songwriting is solid, full of new and original ideas, without boring or weaker parts. Overall, I believe it’s their best album so far (if I remove the emotional connection with their debut) and by far one of my personal favorites of 2008! You can get a taste on their Facebook / myspace official profiles.


Rating:  (9/10)

Kawir @ Facebook
Kawir @ MySpace

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