KAMPFAR – Heimgang

KAMPFAR - Heimgang

Origin: Norway
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2008

At the end of Semptember the fourth full-length album of Kampfar hits the stores! This great band seems to have completely awakened since it’s their second album in the last 2 years after their long 7 years absence. Even though it’s 13 years since their first release, in my ears nothing has changed, concerning the feeling and the quality of the band, and this is a good thing since Kampfar are of the best in their genre.

Their pagan folklore black metal is very characteristic and they have inspired countless bands with their unique “forest” metal. The flame of the band is still burning and these 10 new songs continue where there last album “Kvass” ended. Their music is like always based on the brilliant riffs and folkish scales on the melodies of the guitars. It’s pure black metal sound without traditional instruments or synths, but with a more melodic pagan approach. Dolk’s unique vocals are another trademark of Kampfar, always passionate and distinctive. Most of the songs are at their usual mid-speed tempo, except fοr the last song “Vandring”, that is very different from the whole album; it’s very slow like a black metal “ballad”, something new and interesting…

“Heimgang” is a great album by a “cult” band that won’t disappoint their fans. Τhe songs could easily be on a previous Kampfar album, cause despite the improvements in the production, their overall sound and feeling remains the same. Maybe the only real difference is that the guitar lines are more dominant this time and it seems that a lot of effort has been put on it. And if someone finds this negative, or accuses the band for repetition, this is far from reality, since all the songs are excellent, full of new melodic ideas and far from repeating themselves. Totally recommended!


Rating:  (9/10)

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