JANVS – Vega

JANVS – Vega

Origin: Italy
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: ATMF Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation
Year: 2008

Janvs is another amazing band coming from the Italian black metal scene. They were formed in 2003 and in 2004 they released “Nigredo”, a very limited and quickly sold out album (only 88 copies), but it was in 2007 when they released their first widely spread album “Fvlgvres” by the Italian label ATMF. It was a surprisingly good work of excellent emotional black metal with a great inspiration in dark melancholic melodies.

“Vega” is their new work and my personal favorite of the band. They took the term melodic black metal a step forward. Their dark, sorrowful, esoteric music cannot of course be contained inside the term black metal. The band experiments in many other genres too: doom, progressive, acoustic, rock and amazing clean male vocals are only few of the elements of this musical achievement. Passionate guitars with an excellent production change from electric to acoustic and black metal outbursts are followed by enchanting melancholic slower melodies. This is a very “progressive” album that you never get bored, since you can’t expect what is coming next!

All of Janvs’ members participate also in other Italian bands, which explains their great musical skills. Apart from it, what is most amazing in this work is the compositions of the songs, being at the same time complex (in the essence) and simple (in the result). I mean that despite the so many genres and changes in their songwriting, the final sound is very solid and pleasant to listen, without becoming boring, or tiring. Their inspiration was at very high levels on “Vega” with an excellent sense for sad and depressive melody, reaching its peak on the same titled 6th song! Band’s singer (Matteo “Vinctor” Barelli) made a remarkable performance in the whole album (and especially in this song, with the help of a guest singer Riccardo Morello). All of the lyrics are in the beautiful Italian language and there are translations in the booklet.

If you are open minded when it comes to melodic black metal, you can’t ignore Janvs – it’s a one-way road to adore them! “Vega” is one of my personal favorites of 2008 (stuck on my player for a long time) and I highly recommend it. The cd comes with a beautiful artistically booklet, fitting the band’s sound. In their myspace page you can listen to songs of both their last two albums.


Rating:  (9/10)

Janvs @ Myspace

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