IRON WOODS – The Journey to the Paganism

IRON WOODS – The Journey to the Paganism

Origin: Brazil
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

Iron Woods is a pagan black metal band coming from the faraway Brazil! They were formed in 2001 and released their debut “Ancient Faith” in 2004. This Brazilian trio worked for some years in order to release their second album “The Journey to the Paganism” in the end of 2008.

Like in their debut, their respect and love to Bathory is obvious once again. This time though the band has made many steps forward. Pagan black metal riffing and screaming vocals are mixed with synths, acoustic instruments, epic clean male/female vocals and melodic orchestral refrains in a very interesting and variable result. There are 8 songs in this album and except for the 5th song “Hail Beer” (a 4-minute beer folk song) all the rest are very long, so that the album lasts for almost 79 minutes! There are many changes inside the songs, some acoustic passages and nature sounds, composing an epic battle soundtrack. The production isn’t the best you’ve ever listened to and the sound is somehow raw, but both of them fit perfectly with their music and atmosphere.

Compared to their previous album, the music is improved and the band reveals a more personal sound. They deal again with pagan epic themes and nature, while all lyrics are in English. They have very rich orchestrations and they have focused a lot in the melodies of the songs, with a great variety, so that the album never becomes boring or repetitive. Another noticeable change is the great improvement in the clean vocals that are used more extensively this time. Even though they are far away from northern Europe, there is often a Celtic or Viking feeling in their music, reminding of great bands like Falkenbach. In the same titled 7th song “The Journey to the Paganism” (a 26-minutes pagan hymn) Runahild from the acoustic pagan folk French band Eliwagar participates in the female recitations.

The cd is again self-released, but in a very professional colored digipak including a booklet with all the lyrics. The band tries to distribute it better this time, so it’s not so hard to get a copy of it. Iron Woods is a very good recommendation to epic pagan metal fans, showing that pagan metal is alive even in South America! You can visit their myspace page in order to listen to some songs, or purchase this CD.


Rating:  (9/10)

Iron Woods @ Myspace

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