ZARGOF unveil upcoming debut album details

ZARGOF - Helios

Brazilian avant-garde progressive metallers Zargof from Belo Horizonte will finally release their first full-length album “Helios” at first Solstice of 2016, June 21. The album is self-released and will be initially available in Zargof’s official social network sites (YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud). Later the band also plans to release at i-Tunes, Spotify and make physical copies, on dates not yet confirmed. ”Helios” was composed, recorded and produced by the band members between 2015 and the beginning of 2016. The Sun is the central theme of the artwork, and the band wants to bring this cosmic symbolism to the music and lyrical influences. With this album the band promises to continue working on its own style, merging many styles of metal, symphonic and ambient music.

1. First Light (Intro)
2. The Chromosphere
3. Reverence for the Sun
4. Burning Ashes
5. Wanderer Above seas of Fog
6. Hidden Dimensions
7. Solve et Coagula
8. Apogee (instrumental)
9. The Fall
10. The Heliosphere (Instrumental)

Zargof @ Facebook
Zargof @ Twitter
Zargof @ Bandcamp


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