IM NEBEL – Vitriol

IM NEBEL – Vitriol

Origin: Georgia
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Haarbn Productions
Year: 2008

Im Nebel is a new band, formed in 2006, from Georgia, a country without any glorious past in the black metal scene. They play melodic symphonic black metal and compared to the countless mediocre releases of this genre, I believe they have something to say and that they deserve a chance!

“Vitriol” is the band’s first effort and it’s more than a decent debut. Their symphonic black metal is indeed very melodic and sometimes maybe it’s better to call it melodic extreme metal. Synths have a vital role in their songs and they are used either to accompany the guitars, or to “dress” the compositions with really beautiful piano melodies; Helen made an amazing job. There is a huge variety in the songs, from fast black metal, to symphonic metal, acoustic avant-garde passages, clean male vocals, all of them in high quality. The album is only 34 minutes long, but it is so “full” of ideas and melodies, that it seems longer. All of their compositions are enchanting, especially if you like a “lighter” version of symphonic black metal.

Lyrics are in English and they seem to deal with esoteric search and individualism and, unlike most bands from eastern lands, they use this language very poetically. Except for the excellent synths, what I enjoyed most in this album is the amazing vocals, especially the clean ones. Michael Lenz is very expressive and his almost “operatic” vocals give Im Nebel something special. Most of their refrains are enchanting and the band seems to have a great fluency in composing brilliant melodies. I hope they get the attention they deserve and to create more albums in the future. If I could find another band to compare them, it would be Enid, without the folk aesthetics and with a more solid production.

Their sound is very good for this genre and Haarbn Productions released this album in a beautiful digibook with 12-page booklet limited to 500 copies. You can visit their myspace page to listen to some of their songs. I prefer not to “rate” albums (after all it’s only a personal opinion), but I have to… So I did, taking always into consideration that this is the debut album from a Georgian black metal band!


Rating:  (9/10)

Im Nebel @ Myspace
Im Nebel @ Facebook

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