GOTLAND release new single

GOTLAND - Traitor or Savior

Italian pagan black metallers Gotland from Turin are very proud to present their new single track “Traitor or Savior“! This song marks the way for a completely new path of the band’s sound. Leaving behind the folk influences of their beginning, their evolution took them to darker territories: a pagan black metal sound with more space to the epic and symphonic aspects, thanks also to Gotland’s new session member Gabriele Hyde Gilodi, who created the orchestrations. The recordings, as well as the mixing and mastering process, are by Alessio Sogno of Alarm Studio in Turin (who worked also on the first album of the band “Gloria et Morte” ). The artwork of the single was realized by the Italian artist Alessandro Alimonti (Design Overload), who will also work on the graphic works for the upcoming album.

Traitor or Savior” will be part of Gotland’s second, and yet untitled, album that will be released in 2017, for the 10th anniversary of the band! This new work will be a concept album, based on the life of Arminius, the German chieftain who defeated Varus and the Roman Empire during the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which is considered one of Rome’s greatest defeats. The part of the story told in the single “Traitor or Savior” is the one right before the battle. It’s a very personal and introspective part: Arminius, who had already programmed the ambush for Varus, betraying his trust advising him to change path through the insidious Teutoburg forest, now has doubts. His aims and ideals are noble, to free his people from the Empire dominion, but in order to reach them, is it right to betray his commander, a friend and even his brother (who decided to stay on the side of the Romans)? What will be his legacy? Will he be remembered as the savior of his people, or simply as a vile traitor?

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