HOLY BLOOD – The Patriot

HOLY BLOOD – The Patriot

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Bombworks Records
Year: 2008

Holy Blood is an Ukrainian band that is active from 1999 and they have already released 2 albums (“The Wanderer” in 2002 and “Waves are Dancing” in 2004). Their music is excellent folk black metal and their “characteristic” is that their thematology is about Christianism. They belong to a genre that is called “white”, “un-black” or “Christian” metal, which is around for many years now, with many bands supporting it. The most famous and remarkable might be, if I don’t forget any, Eluveitie, Antestor, Slechtvalk, Kekal and many others. So epic battles of angels against demons, prophets’ visions, fights between good and evil, all are sought from a different perspective in these bands. And if someone expected a more “quiet” and calm approach to these themes, well, Christian history is full of brutality, violence, slaughters and wars…

Coming to the music “The Patriot” is the most aggressive work of Holy Blood so far. It’s fast black metal, with many folk Slavonic melodies and a very epic feeling. Many keys (especially in the form of piano), as well as folk instruments (flutes, acoustic guitars) accompany the furious guitars in a great mix. The singer screams most of the time with an expressive voice full of rage and wrath in the characteristic Ukrainian style, while there are also many amazing clean melodic male and female vocals. The level of the songs is very good, both in the blackest parts and especially in the epic folk melodic tunes (some of the best I’ve heard recently) that stay in you mind! A really great album that lasts only for 37 minutes, but the CD contains also a multimedia section with the video clip of the song “The Patriot”.

If you are interested in good folk black metal, or if you’d like to explore this Christian metal scene, Holy Blood is a nice band to check, another fine example of Slavonic black metal. Find below the links to their official pages.


Rating:  (9/10)

Holy Blood @ Myspace
Holy Blood @ Facebook

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