DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS unveil upcoming album title and cover


Poland’s black death metal act Devilish Impressions has set “The I” as the title of its new album, due later in the year. The album was recorded at several studios, including Dobra 12 Studio and Icaros Studio to eventually get mixed and mastered at Impressive-Art Studio by Przemyslaw Nowak who also handled vocals’ recording sessions, as well as guitars re-amping. The album’s artwork, design and layout were created by Infected Minds. “The I”, a follow-up to the MLP “Adventvs” released last year via Hammerheart Records, is the group’s 4th full-length album and is said to be their darkest, heaviest and most intriguing offering to date… As commented by the group’s driving force Quazarre of what stands behind the title chosen for their newest record: “Not only it’s a phonetic acronym of the band’s name (The I = DI) but, above all, it reflects the manifesto we stand for since the horde’s day one, which is the notion of freedom of choice and will, a self-determination that actually places us in a centre of the Universe as we perceive it. A supremacy of an individual over any external factors being imposed on us by others, with special emphasis on religion with its convictions, dogmas and paradigms. “The I” is a rebellious manifesto targeted against all those who stand opposed to anything that drives us towards individual perfection…

Founded in 2000, formerly as a studio project and transformed into a regular live- band six years later, Devilish Impressions merges the fierceness of traditional black and death metal with a subtle dose of ethereal melodies. Throughout the years they found the right balance between those seemingly opposing elements to eventually create their own, distinctive sonic path. Critically acclaimed records and intense live rituals brought upon mankind while touring all over the Old Continent have earned them an honorable reputation and thus they’ve grown into one of the most intriguing acts to emerge out of Poland’s extreme music scene. Not many bands out there are brave enough to reach beyond their stable framework. Devilish Impressions, on the contrary, keeps pushing boundaries further out with each consecutive release and it is their unpredictable variability that makes them as dangerous as they are unstoppable…

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