GLITTERTIND – Landkjenning

GLITTERTIND – Landkjenning

Origin: Norway
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2009

It’s been 6 years after their last full-length album and 4 years after their last release, the EP “Til Dovre Faller”. I think it was about time for Glittertind to release a new work. They were formed in 2001 by Torbjørn Sandvik and it begun as a one-man band with some guest musicians during the various recordings. In 2002 the debut “Mellom Bakkar Og Berg” was out (even though it is “ignored” in band’s official site), followed by “Evige Åsatro” next year. They signed in Karmageddon Media to release the EP “Til Dovre Faller” in 2005 and after that they signed in Napalm Records, where they released the double CD “Evige Åsatro / Til Dovre Faller” in 2009, as well as this new work.

Since 2008 Glittertind got a new permanent member, Geirmund Simonsen and let’s see what they have to offer us. They definitely belong under the genre folk metal, but in a much wider sense! The songs have an amazing variety of influences and different sounds, from metal to rock, with acoustic, ethnic, classical, traditional and modern elements skillfully merged in a very original result. Except for the typical metal instruments this album is full of traditional and classical instruments performed by its two members, as well as some guest musicians. It’s by far the most professional work of Glittertind, revealing many hours of work and honest love for what they do. Lyrics are in Norwegian language, dealing with Norwegian history around 1000 AC, when its Christianization begun. “Landkjenning”, except for some faster parts with folk metal riffing, has also some amazing acoustic songs with some of the best clean vocals of the genre. Sometimes they capture the atmosphere and orchestration of a folk musical! The mood changes often from happier themes to more melancholic, or even epic, but the band always maintains a folk filter behind every tune of this album. Despite this great variety in their music, Glittertind have a very solid and distinctive sound throughout the whole work…

This album is Glittertind’s best work and it really worth the wait! Fans of the band should buy it without any second thought. In my opinion it’s one of the most “complete” folk metal albums ever. The illustration of Kris Verwimp is an additional reason to get it and for the more skeptics below are the links to their official pages to get a taste of what they offer.


Rating:  (9/10)

Glittertind @ Facebook
Glittertind @ Myspace

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