FOLKODIA – Odes From the Past

FOLKODIA – Odes From the Past

Origin: Various
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Metal Viking Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

Folkodia is a new project formed in 2007, containing many musicians from different countries, including Greece, something like Folkearth (actually many members are common in both bands). So, someone could ask if there are any differences between the two bands. Well, there are and for my taste I prefer Folkodia.

The basic composers are Simon Müller from Excelsis and Loki (also in Folkearth), while all the lyrics are written mainly by Marios Koutsoukos. Their music is epic folk Viking metal, with more folk elements than Folkearth. Some songs are more quiet / acoustic and others Viking black. Flutes, violins and other traditional instruments are everywhere, accompanying heavy or acoustic guitars in a medieval / Viking orgy. Especially the violins are enchanting fitting perfectly to the music. There many male singers with different types of vocals, while in the female ones Hildr Valkyrie gives again an excellent performance. The music ranges from heavy metal, black/death and doom to acoustic songs, all of them in their epic folkest versions. Even though it definitely has an underground sound and some “technical” problems the compositions are really nice. After all, in this Viking genre what counts most is this barbarian warrior atmosphere, instead of perfect skills or professional vocals…

If you liked Folkearth, you should invest on Folkodia; you won’t be let down. If you have never heard any of them you should expect epic Viking folk black metal with many “ballads”. The cd is self-released, but it is worldwide distributed by Stygian Crypt Productions, so it’s not that hard to find. You can get a taste of their music and find more info at the following links.


Rating:  (8/10)

Folkodia @ Facebook

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