WARSEID unveil upcoming debut album details

WARSEID - A New Land to Find

American folk black metal band Warseid from Madison, Wisconsin has revealed the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album, titled “A New Land to Find“. The band has recently signed to the Russian label SoundAge Productions and the album will be released both digitally and in CD format on Fall of 2016. Warseid were formed in 2008 and so far they have released 2 demos and 2 EPs. They have always included many symphonic elements with their somewhat traditional folk black metal sound. Their lyrical concept is based around the concepts of fate, death, and the connection between Midgard and the other worlds. Warseid have just unveiled the amazing cover artwork by Kogaion Art and the album tracklist.

1. All Men Are Mortal                    
2. Dragons in the Mist
3. Between Shadows
4. In Themselves They Believed
5. When the Ravens Are Fed
6. The Winds Sang of Death
7. Damnation and Its Hold

Kyle Cushman – vocals, bass
Kellan Hilscher – drums
Steve Hoff – guitars
Joe Meland – clean vocals

Warseid official page
Warseid @ Facebook
Warseid @ Bandcamp


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