FOLKEARTH – Fatherland

FOLKEARTH – Fatherland

Origin: Various
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Metal Viking Metal
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions
Year: 2008

Another release by this “international” band, which has been very active lately! After “Fathers of Victory” and the acoustic “Songs of Yore” earlier in 2008 it’s time for their third release “Fatherland” in the same year. This is their sixth full-length album in their characteristic sound, released once again by the Russian label Stygian Crypt.

This time it has 11 musicians from 7 different countries, including Hellas (Luresia, Marios Koutsoukos, Polydeykis and Hildr Valkyrie), who put for a while their bands aside and created “Fatherland”. The album begins with an acoustic hymn “Hymn to Zeus” composed and performed totally by Hildr Valkyrie. In the other songs they return to their usual Viking folk metal, so electric guitars are back again, as well as black /death vocals. Their songs are full of traditional instruments, acoustic guitars, folk tunes, extreme metal outbursts and a great variety of vocals styles and many singers as always. Concerning vocals, in this album clean male and female vocals are much more often than the harsh ones…

Despite the many interesting melodies and ideas in their compositions, the result isn’t very balanced, since their epic metal has many differences from song to song. If you look at each song it’s good at its genre, but there isn’t this link that will connect them into a solid album. Of course this is something expected when you have so many musicians and composers and furthermore when they are not playing all together. Each of them contributes only in some of the songs (others participate in more, others only in a few). I believe it’s better to see each Folkearth album as a collection of compositions from Viking folk metal musicians around the world and not as a band. The sound and the production aren’t the “clearest” you could meet in this genre and it has an underground, almost live, feeling.

Anyway, “Fatherland” won’t disappoint the fans of the band, but on the other hand it hasn’t something new to add to their previous efforts. If you don’t know the band, expect to listen to average Viking folk metal songs, with many influences from epic metal and many acoustic parts. You can visit their official pages for some songs and details about purchasing their albums.


Rating:  (7/10)

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