SVIRNATH unveil upcoming debut album details

SVIRNATH - Il Regno della Natura

Italian atmospheric pagan black metal band Svirnath will soon release its debut full-length album “Il Regno della Natura“. The band has recently signed to the German label Naturmacht Productions and it will be the first release of a new series of the label, called NP Underground. “Il Regno della Natura” will be released on 23rd July 2016 as a strictly limited edition of 100 6-panel digipak CD-Rs. Svirnath is a one man band formed in 2007, the personal project of Frans, playing atmospheric acoustic black metal strongly focusing on mother nature. Cover artwork and album tracklist are unveiled, while you can already pre-order the album directly via the label’s web-shop. Below there is a nice lil teaser for you to get a feeling of what will come…

1. Natura 02:37
2. Pagan Kingdom of the Nature – 08:21              
3. Light of the Sun – 07:23
4. Tra le Montagne – 02:28
5. Dalle Alture alle Valli – 07:27
6. Presagio di Tempesta – 07:24
7. Wind of Forest – 01:32
8. Impeti dal Profondo – 05:23
9. Dove la Nebbia Offusca l’Orizzonte – 07:48
10. Svanendo nella Nebbia… – 01:53

Svirnath @ Facebook
Svirnath @ Bandcamp


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