BELENOS unveil upcoming album details

BELENOS - Kornog

French Celtic pagan black metallers Belenos will release with their 7th studio album, entitled “Kornôg” on September 9th 2016 via the German label Northern Silence Productions. After playing a lot of successful festival and club gigs during the last years, the band finally returns with a new album. ”Kornôg” is again sung in Breton and it is conceptually dealing with Brittany’s sea legends. The band stays true to its style, featuring 9 songs of their masterfully written and executed black and pagan metal for which they’re known since two decades. The first pressing of the CD comes as collectors edition in A5-digipak, limited to 1000 copies. Also available will be a regular version in jewel case. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled, together with an advance track, “D’an Usved“, that you can listen to below.

1. Kornog ( 6:14 )
2. Sklosenn ur Vag ( 7:10 )
3. E donder ar Mor ( 5:56 )
4. Lidkerzh an Anaon ( 6:23 )
5. Treizhadenn-noz ( 2:30 )
6. Armorika ( 6:06 )
7. D’an Usved ( 12:45 )
8. Sord-mor ( 8:22 )
9. Lusenn an Ankou ( 3:15 )

Belenos official page
Belenos @ Facebook
Belenos @ Bandcamp


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