NEGURĂ BUNGET unveil upcoming album details


Award-winning Transilvanian black metallers Negură Bunget from Romania are unveiling the details of their upcoming full-length album “ZI“, scheduled for release on September 30, 2016 via Prophecy Productions. “ZI” (English for Day or Say) is the second part of the group’s ambitious “Transilvanian Trilogy“, released on the heels of 2015′s celebrated album, “Tau” (English for Your or Thy), a record accurately hailed as “earthshaking” as it focused on unique native, natural landscapes and the mystique, legends, lore and meanings behind them. In creating its most luminescent recording to date, Negură Bunget has further immersed itself in the traditions and practices of local Transilvanian inhabitants, exploring their connection with nature, and the way this relationship has shaped spiritual horizons. Within this framework, “ZI” closely examines the core of the most important traditions and rituals connected with the well-being of this community. Life events such as funeral ceremonies, soil tillage, and human growth and evolution (i.e. youth to teen to man to warrior, through to outcast) are spotlighted, in what is undoubtedly some of the most heady, thinking-man’s metal produced in recent memory.

Musically, “ZI” builds upon the hallmarks of Negură Bunget’s impressive catalog; the juxtaposition and interweaving of grim black metal elements, ambient soundscapes and acoustic counterparts based on native Romanian folk music, giving life to panoramic atmospheres, intensity and power unequaled in the band’s rich discography. An impressive musical statement and crucial bridge between root-bearing beginning and impending finale of the trilogy (scheduled to be released in early 2018 ), “ZI” is a mystical, tension-building recording that mirrors the size and scope of the deep forest fog for which the band is named.  The album was recorded at Negura Music studio between January and June 2016. Produced and mixed by Negură Bunget and Mihai ‘Mtz’ Neagoe. Mastering by Alin Luculescu. Cover design by Daniel Dorobanțu. Outfit design by Anita Ramona.

The album, which is already available for pre-order in Prophecy’s webshop and in Negură Bunget’s official webshop, will be released on some amazing editions:
- CD digipak with extra hard cover
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, white) incl. special vinyl mastering, poster, printed inner sleeves and PVD protection sleeve (500 copies)
- 2CD+DVD Artbook, hardcover, 28×28 cm, 72 pages with additional artwork, texts and English translations of the lyrics plus bonus CD with two songs and bonus DVD with three videos (1.000 copies)
- The band is also offering some custom handmade editions through their fundraising campaign, where they build a box on your suggestions.

1. Tul-ni-că-rînd (Horn-ing)
2. Grădina stelelor (Garden of Stars)
3. Brazdă dă foc (Furrow of Fire)
4. Baciul Moșneag (The Old Shepherd)
5. Stanciu Gruiul (Stanciu Gruiul)
6. Marea Cea Mare (The Vast Sea)

Bonus CD (only artbook)
1. Tul-ni-că-rînd (re-mixed version by Daniel Dorobanțu)
2. Brazdă dă foc (re-mixed version by Silent Strike)
3. Schimnicește (re-mixed version by Tibor Kati & Ionuț Cârja)
4. Baciu moșneag (re-mixed version by Adrian “Oq” Neagoe & Tragacanth)

Bonus DVD (only artbook)
1. ZI – album short film
2. Tul-ni-că-rînd – visual
3. Stanciu Gruiul – visual

Negură Bunget official page
Negură Bunget @ Facebook
Negură Bunget @ Twitter
Negură Bunget @ Bandcamp


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