BATTLE DAGORATH reveal upcoming album details

BATTLE DAGORATH - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos

After some silence, American / Swiss black metallers Battle Dagorath return with their fourth full-length album, an inspirational and evocative opus of eccentric black art entitled “Dark Dragons of the Cosmos”. It will be released on September 30th, 2016 on digipak edition CD via the Italian label Avantgarde Music and on double vinyl (this one in cooperation with Eisenwald from Germany). “Dark Dragons of the Cosmos” is part I of a two-part release, with part II coming later this year. You can already get a taste of the album in Avantgarde Music’s Bandcamp page, following the link below, where you can listen to the upcoming track “Phantom Horizons Beyond“.

1. From the Black Sun’s Fire – 03:12                   
2. Phantom Horizons Beyond – 13:50
3. Return to Gates of Dawn – 13:01
4. Through the Rite of the Stars – 13:54
5. Transfixion of the Spheres – 11:21
6. Psychic Abduction – 02:27

BSB – vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Vinterriket – keyboards

Battle Dagorath @ Facebook
Battle Dagorath – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos @ Bandcamp


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