Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2008

Equilibrium is a band from Germany, formed in 2001 and released their debut “Turis Fratyr” in 2005. Their folk black metal must have made quite an impression since their new work is released by Nuclear Blast, which was somehow surprising for me!

First of all this album is different from their first work, with much more expensive production and a mainstream rich sound! Their music is melodic symphonic black metal with many folk tunes and instruments. It has an epic majestic approach and most of the songs are at high speed, in a restless bombastic attack! There are also 2 instrumental tracks (one of them is the 16 minute masterpiece “Mana”), which help the listener relax a bit from the continuous assault.

The album is very long (more than 79 minutes) and it’s amazing how Equilibrium manage to come up with so many interesting ideas, themes and melodies… I believe that the whole album is basically like a big song, since the tracks don’t have the typical structure (bridge, refrain, etc) and many different genres are mixed into one: black metal, death metal, symphonic metal, classic heavy, power, Viking metal, all blended together. The band uses only black metal vocals, even in the more melodic parts and in the refrains. Another element in their music is that they don’t use only the typical “Viking” folk instruments, but they experiment with sounds that sometimes create a more oriental, or even “exotic” atmosphere!

The compositions and the production of “Sagas” are really at very high standards, as well as the musicianship and the technical skills of the band. If you are fan of bands like Ensiferum you should really check ’em out. There is a real effort in this album to put so many excellent ideas and atmospheres into one album and the result for this ambitious effort is more than satisfying, even though it can be a bit tiring at some parts. Of course if you prefer minimalism and simplicity in music, Equilibrium aren’t for you. The only thing I would like to listen from them is a bigger variety in the vocals (some clean and choirs could fit perfectly) and maybe a shorter album would be easier to assimilate. Of course I don’t complain, since the album is more than great! Their official pages offers many songs, so you better visit them.

The album is released in many different formats: standard CD, digipak CD+DVD (including studio reports, live videos, multimedia material), double LP and a limited to 500 box, including the CD+DVD and some patches, etc. The choice is yours…


Rating:  (9/10)

Equilibrium @ Facebook
Equilibrium @ Myspace

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