KOT-BAYUN unveil upcoming debut album details

KOT-BAYUN - Stronger Than Evil

Russian folk metallers Кот-баюн (Kot-Bayun) will soon release their debut full-length album entitled “Сильнее зла (Stronger Than Evil)” via SoundAge Productions. Release date and pre-order info will be available shortly. Kot-Bayun is mystery cat from Russian fairy-tales. According to these tales he is not a home kitty, he is a dangerous cat with sweet voice. He lives in a dead forest without birds and animals, usually sitting on a big column. He begins to speak with you, telling fairy-tales and he sings to make you sleep and then he will kill you. If you can resist and catch him, you’ll get powerful health and Kot-Bayun will solve you forever. The band Кот-баюн was formed in 2011 and released the 4-track EP “Было время…” in 2013 via Sublimity Records. The upcoming full-length was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dmitriy Mashkov (Arktida Records). The band has unveiled the cover artwork, designed by Tsukanova Oksana, the album tracklist and a video teaser for “Сильнее зла (Stronger Than Evil)” that you can watch below.

1. Было время
2. Молитва перед боем
3. Память
4. На поле Куликовом
5. Сокол
6. Тени забытого
7. В царстве снов
8. Шут
9. Ближе к облакам (Guano Apes cover)
10 Солнцестояние (Butterfly Temple cover)
11. Кикимора

Nadezhda Lvova – vocals
Liliya Verkhovenskaya (3) – vocals
Aleksandr Vaytsekhovkiy – guitars
Dmitriy Epikhin – guitars
Denis Vasichkin – bass guitars
Dmitriy Shirokov – drums

Guest members:
Vasiliy Koshelev – guitars
Aleksandr Fedonin – bass guitars
Ivan Andrianov – balalaika

Kot-Bayun @ Facebook
Kot-Bayun @ VK
Kot-Bayun @ Bandcamp


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