ELDRIG – Mysterion

ELDRIG – Mysterion

Origin: USA
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Orchestral Black Metal
Label: Supernal Music
Year: 2008

Eldrig is the personal project of Eldrig, who has also another band Fanisk. He comes from the United States and his music is deeply inspired by Nietzsche and other philosophers. “Mysterion” is his third full-length album, released by Supernal Music.

Eldrig have a very personal sound, that cannot be compared to another band. It’s symphonic, almost orchestral, very melodic black metal. There are a few vocals though, but most of the time they are in the very background and you really need a lot of effort to listen to them. There are only 5 songs in the album, but all of them very long, with a total duration of almost 57 mins. Their music is definitely keyboard based, with really amazing melodies both in the synths and the guitars! Due to their production the songs sound like instrumental compositions, with atmosphere being the most important element in their music. It sounds like a dark soundtrack dedicated to esoteric symbolism and philosophy. Except for the title of the album “Mysterion” there are also 2 songs with Greek titles “Pleroma” and “Physis” for those of us who are interested…

The CD is released with a very unusual booklet printed onto a thick mat-coated paper stock, with a partial UV varnish effect, while the disc has been pressed onto black polycarbonate. In the booklet there is a page with info and notes about each song, as well as amazing mysticism symbols all printed in the same effect. There is a lot of esoteric research behind this work, with very interesting opinions and it encourages the listener to search for his own inner truth and knowledge. Anyway, whether you are interested in the essence of this work or not, the music itself is enough to give them a listen. You can check their myspace page or Eldrig’s personal blog. If you also like them you can check his other band Fanisk that has a sound close to Eldrig, but with a more NS approach.


Rating:  (9/10)

Eldrig @ Myspace

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