Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal Space Ambient
Label: Avantgarde Music
Year: 2008

There are some bands that aren’t very well known and when you listen to their music you just can’t understand why they don’t get the “fame” they deserve! Darkspace come from the rather inexperienced in the metal scene Switzerland and they belong to these underestimated bands. Their black metal is simply amazing and very original, while their name fits perfectly the atmosphere they create.

Their thematology deals with outer space in its darkest and ugliest form and they combine ambient and black metal in order to create this atmosphere. The result is excellent and the listener is transferred to alien vast unfriendly eras full of blackness. There are many ambient passages (reduced though, compared to their previous albums) that manage to describe the quiet, tranquil and endless matter of space. On the other hand there are raw black metal outbursts where the unsuspected listener comes face to face with totally alien hostile and cold survival conditions; a true holocaust! Many parts of the songs have a more mid tempo black metal sound and combined with the ambient keyboards’ amazing melodies, a completely unique haunting atmosphere is created. The production is better than their previous two releases (Darkspace I & II) and the vocals are extreme black metal screams like cries of primordial horror. They are perfect for their music and some of the best screams around.

“Darkspace III” is a true masterpiece and I recommend it to anyone who likes cold raw black metal, but with a unique dark melodic atmosphere. The feeling, the quality and the melodies of the compositions are really unquestionable and brilliant, while this album lasts for 79 minutes, including only 7 long songs! Their guitarist Wroth is also the man behind Paysage d’Hiver, another jewel of the underground black metal. The cd is released in normal jewel slipcase and in a limited digipak, which is already sold out. You can check the band in the links below.


Rating:  (10/10)

Darkspace @ Myspace

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