ARKONA re-recorded debut album

ARKONA - Vozrozhdenie 2016

Russian pagan folk metal masters Аркона (Arkona) will release a completely re-recorded edition of their debut full-length album “Возрождение” via Napalm Records on November 11th 2016. The album was originally released in 2004 and firmly placed both the band and its Russian mother country on the folk pagan metal map. Front woman Masha’s powerful performance, combined with Slavic mysticism and varied songwriting, turned the first release (its name means “revival”, by the way) of young Аркона into a success and the beginning of a remarkable career. The band has now re-recorded “Возрождение” and truly revisit their roots! This new recording lets those old songs shine with a massive production and new instrumental skills! Absolutely new sound, lots of bagpipes and other traditional instruments added. The album will come with a new amazing artwork by Kris Verwimp. Pre-orders will be available soon. Except for Napalm Records, the album will also be released in Russia via SoundAge Productions in a 36-page digi-book version!

1. Коляда
2. Масленица
3. К дому Сварога
4. Черные вороны
5. Возрождение
6. Русь
7. Брате славяне
8. Солнцеворот
9. Под мечами
10. По звериным тропам
11. Заложный
12. Зов предков

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