Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Maddening Media
Year: 2008

It’s really nice to listen to new unknown bands and discover such nice releases. It makes you think it worth the search… Carach Angren is a Dutch band formed in 2003 and after two demos they finally release their debut “Lammendam” in a new label Maddening Media.

Their music is basically symphonic black metal, with avant-garde touches. As expected in this genre, keyboards have a very important role, orchestrating the compositions together with the melodic guitars. Violins and piano interludes give a ghostly, theatrical atmosphere to the album, which has a solid and powerful production. Majestic melodies follow one another with many classical influences. Maybe this release isn’t something you haven’t already listened, but it is very well played with a serious work and effort on the songwriting. After all, what counts the most is that their music lives you with a smile of pleasure in your face. The vocals are typical black, without a lot of variety, something that could add to the atmosphere. Lyrics deal with the supernatural and legends about ghost stories and their music serves perfectly this concept.

For me it is a very satisfying debut, but of course not perfect. There are some parts that are amazing (especially when insane piano interludes are attacking the melodic riffing), while others parts  (luckily very few) are just ok. The fact that they have these extremely good parts makes my expectations much bigger. Even though I have them for better things in the future, “Lammendam” is still a very good album, that won’t disappoint most fans of symphonic metal. It’s very melodic and nonetheless an impressive and professional beginning of a newcomer group. Check them on their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Carach Angren @ Facebook
Carach Angren @ Myspace

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