EINHERJER announce new album

EINHERJER - Dragons of the North XX

Norwegian Viking metallers Einherjer have revealed the details of their new work “Dragons of the North XX”. The band originally released its debut full-length album “Dragons of the North” back in 1996, the golden era for Norwegian extreme metal. As one of the pioneers, Einherjer have been in the forefront of an exploding genre for more than two decades. 20 years later, they present “Dragons of the North XX”, a re-recorded version of a cult classic for the older generation, and a hidden gem for new fans of Viking metal. As a Viking metal band, Einherjer’s goal has always been to respectfully convey the northern myths and history to a wide audience. But also to take their heritage back from people who try to corrupt it. “Dragons of the North XX” will be out on November 25, 2016 via Indie Recordings and it is already available for pre-order in various formats in their label’s official web-store!

1. Dragons of the North
2. Dreamstorm
3. Forever Empire
4. Conquerer
5. Fimbul Winter
6. Storms of the Elder
7. Slaget Ved Hafrsjord
8. Ballad of the Swords
9. After the Storm

Einherjer official page
Einherjer @ Facebook


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