EARTHBOUND FABLE released debut EP


Greek epic folk melodic death metallers Earthbound Fable from Larissa have just released their debut 3-track EP “Starbound“. The project was formed by Alex Poulios in the winter of 2012. Inspired mainly by Finnish metal bands, he wanted to compose his own music which is based on epic folk and melodic death metal, combining his two favorite genres. Then, with the help of his brother Dimitris Poulios in ideas and composition, Alexis managed to perfect the songs, which he was working and make the dream a reality. In the fall of 2014, he began the recordings for the EP “Starbound“. After a long delay of two years (for personal reasons) the EP was released in September 2016. The lyrical concept of Earthbound Fable deals mainly with epic tales, heroic feats and ancient prophecies. Other influences come from philosophy, mysticism, the Middle Ages and traditions of the northern peoples. “Starbound” is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page.

1. An Ancient Folktale (Intro)
2. Beyond the Darkened Horizon
3. Starbound

Earthbound Fable @ Facebook
Earthbound Fable @ Bandcamp


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