BLACK MESSIAH – First War of the World

BLACK MESSIAH – First War of the World

Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2009

The time for the fourth full-length album of the symphonic black folk Viking metal band Black Messiah has come. Their new album “First War of the World” will be released once again by AFM Records on 20th of March 2009. The Germans are active since 1992, while their debut album “Sceptre of Black Knowledge” was released on 1998. After that, they took a big break and they returned on 2005 with “Oath of a Warrior” and on 2006 with “Of Myths and Legends”.

The album begins with a long and “childish” in my opinion narration which is also repeated in some other intros inside the album, but in smaller duration. Luckily that’s the only negative I can see in this amazing album! Their style is closer to “Oath of a Warrior” with their melodic symphonic side being more dominant again, sounding more epic than ever. Blending beautiful guitar lines and solos with synths, they compose excellent songs. Violins and folk instruments appear much more often than their previous album, enriching very much their sound. Each song is a different “entity”, with a great variety in rhythm and intensity. Some songs are more rhythmic, others more symphonic and others more folk, while there is also the amazing epic ballad “Andracht” that lasts for 9:41. Their compositions have usually very long refrains, accompanied by melodic riffing, while vocals are mainly black / death / Viking type, but they never become too extreme. There are also some clean epic vocals, adding a sorrowful melancholic mood in the songs…

Overall I believe this is their best album so far. It is clear that the band is in great shape and they were full of ideas that took their form in “First War of the World”. Some of the melodies, especially in the violins, are simply breathtaking, but the whole album is at a very high level. They are very interesting in all of the different styles and genres they mix in their music, with a tight and solid result, under a very professional production. If you know Black Messiah, you probably don’t need a review to get this album. If you’ve never heard of them and you like epic, symphonic, folk Viking metal, this album is an excellent recommendation. You can visit their official pages below for samples and info.


Rating:  (9/10)

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