CRÉATURES unveil debut album details

CREATURES - Le Noir Village

French horror metal band Créatures, the solo project of Sparda (also in Hanternoz) reveals the cover artwork and tracklist for its debut album “Le Noir Village“, which will be out on October 25th via the French label Antiq. You can watch the official album trailer below to get a first taste. Créatures was formed in 2008 and released a demo in 2009. The group uses a variety of unusual instruments (theremin, organ, piano, trumpet, violin) and combines many musical styles, from black to symphonic, with passages of death, doom, heavy and ambient. The main influences are King Diamond, Tartaros, Notre Dame. “Le Noir Village” narrates the story of a peasant village in the XII century plagued by horrible monsters. Like an opera, all characters of the story are played by different singers who speak in first person and the music reflects the plot. It will be released in digipak edition CD containing a 16-page booklet with painting and medieval-inspired drawings made specifically for this release by Simon Hervé. Design and logo made by Camille Rondier (Cäme Rdr). “Le Noir Village” is already available for pre-order in Antiq label web-shop. and in Créatures’ official Bandcamp page.

1. The Horror of Full Moons
2. Dead Abandoned
3. Martyrdom of Tanner
4. At the Edge of Evil, the Covenant Prohibits
5. He was a Monster Thirsting for Heart
6. Under the Visage of Death

Créatures @ Facebook
Créatures @ Bandcamp


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