ACEDIA released double EP

ACEDIA - Winter's End & Whisper Rains

Turkish atmospheric doom death metallers Acedia from Kütahya are back after a long break. The band was formed since 2000 and they have released only 2 EPs so far, “Lament for Goodbye” in 2009 and “Whisper Rains” in 2010. 6 years after their last work Acedia have released two new songs in their new EP, entitled “Winter’s End“. They decided to release it in physical format, together with 2010′s EP “Whisper Rains“. The album was released on September 23, 2016 under the title “Winter’s End & Whisper Rains” in a double CD digipak edition limited to 200 copies via the Russian label GS Productions. You can visit their label’s official Bandcamp page where you can listen to the complete album and buy it if interested.

CD1 “Winter’s End”:
1. Reddish Wings of Winter                
2. Without Winter

CD2 “Whisper Rains”:
1. Lost River
2. My Cold Sadness
3. Silver Tears
4. Rain Day Memories
5. Whisper Rains
6. Scarlet Fever Dawn

Volkan Aksu – harsh & spoken vocals, lyrics
Mehmet Külah – melodic guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, back vocals, piano / keyboards
Barış Seyhan – guitars
Gülçin Erdoğan – bass, lyrics & back vocals

Acedia @ Facebook
Acedia – Winter’s End & Whisper Rains @ GSP Bandcamp


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