BATTLELORE – The Last Alliance

BATTLELORE - The Last Alliance

Origin: Finland
Genre: Epic Metal Symphonic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2008

The Finnish epic symphonic metallers are back with their fifth work. Battlelore have their own style of epic Gothic metal, with many symphonic elements and female vocals combined with black-death male ones. They follow the same “recipe” in all their works and it seems we shouldn’t expect anything different from them.

I believe that “The Last Alliance” is their best work so far. It’s not only the obvious improvements in their production and technical skills, but the much more interesting compositions. They manage to blend much better the more tranquil parts with the death metal growls and the result is much more solid. Female vocals have the lead role in the melodies of the songs, while there is usually a “conversation” with the “harsh” ones. Kaisa Jouhki’s voice is very fairytale-like and is perfect for the band’s image and thematology. Keyboards are widely used together with rhythmic guitars, adding to this contradiction of softer and harder parts. The lyrics are about fantasy tales and the orchestration and sound of the album is suitable for the feelings they want to create to the listener, especially in their more melodic parts, that are the band’s strong card.

This time there has been much more work on the composition of the songs and the result is more even than in their previous albums, that there were some interesting parts and some “fillers”. So if you like epic symphonic metal with Gothic and death metal touches, Battlelore is a great suggestion and “The Last Alliance” the best album to start exploring their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

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