HULDRE’s second album will soon be out

HULDRE - Tusmorke

Danish folk metallers Huldre will release their long awaited sophomore album “Tusmørke” on November 3rd, 2016! Huldre is an upcoming name on the Nordic folk metal scene and they have, since 2010, excited people all over the world with their spectacular compositions. Huldre is the elegant fusion of Nordic folk music and metal. Here wolves, forest nymphs and trolls mingle in the wonderful contrasts between catchy melodies, sonorous atmospheres and heavy rhythms. Musically they offer catchy melodies of female vocals, violin, hurdy gurdy and flute on a heavy foundation of guitar, bass and drums. Huldre weaves a lyrical universe revolving around the forces of nature, and imagery of the folklore of years past. The band is by now known for its unique and integrated live shows, where the audience, in a forest of leaves, skull and bones, are blown back by the sheer joy of playing. The band’s debut album from 2012 “Intet Menneskebarn” was very well received by reviewers throughout the world and the band has through the years played at such venues as Copenhell and Wacken, won a few musical awards and built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase. “Tusmørke” was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Lasse Lammert in LSD Studios in cooperation with Huldre and will be released on the 3rd of November 2016 in digipak CD edition via Gateway Music and it can be pre-ordered in the label’s webshop. This will be celebrated with a release party at Loppen in Copenhagen.

1. Jagt
2. Hindeham
3. Varulv
4. Underjordisk
5. Skifting
6. Fæstemand
7. Mørke
8. Tæring
9. Nattesorg

Nanna Barslev: Vocal
Laura Beck: Violin
Troels Dueholm: Hurdy Gurdy, Flutes, Shawm
Lasse Olufson: Guitar, Lute
Bjarne Kristiansen: Bass
Jacob Lund: Drums, Percussion

Huldre official page
Huldre @ Facebook


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