DIABOŁ BORUTA unveil upcoming album details


Polish folk metallers Diaboł Boruta from Rzeszow will release their second full-length album “Widziadla” via Pure Underground Records on November 11th, 2016. “Widziadla” is by far the strongest album of the band! Martial sounds go over into accordion and citter with many changes of rhythm, arrangements and music climate. The special touch comes with the Polish lyrics that complete the folk atmosphere of the album. Diaboł Boruta transform the power of the ancient times into forwarding folk metal. “Widziadla” is already available for pre-order in Pure Underground Records’ webshop. Below you can watch the official lyric video for “Wietrznik” taken from the upcoming album and get a first taste of Diaboł Boruta’s music.

1. Nim Zawieje Wiatr                   
2. Wietrznik
3. Marzanna – Smiercicha
4. Nim Pierwsza Gwiazda Wzeszla
5. Rusalka
6. Bledne Ogniki
7. Wyjce
8. Jarmark Widziadel
9. Sobotki
10. W Moim Ogrodeczku
11. The Winder
12. Kupala Night

(Total Playing Time: 46:01)

Paweł “Rudy” Leniart – vocals, bass
Mirek “Miras” Mamczur – guitars, accordion, wooden flute
Paweł “Rundziou” Szczupak – guitars
Dawid “Dejw” Warchoł – keyboards, accordion
Łukasz “Zibra” Zembroń – drums

Diaboł Boruta official page
Diaboł Boruta @ Facebook


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