ATHOS – Crossing the River of Charon

ATHOS – Crossing the River of Charon

Origin: Greece
Genre: Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Candarian Demon Productions
Year: 2008

This is the second and much improved full-length album of the Greek black metallers Athos. Kerveros is the only member of Athos and he composes and performs all music in this album, except a few guest vocals. This work is released only one year after their debut “The Awakening of Athos”, but it has significant differences with its predecessor.

Athos’ music was typical black metal, influenced by bands like old Burzum and old Naer Mataron. In this album though, the synths are reduced (if not absent) and the sound is clearer, with guitars and vocals being in the front. “Crossing the River of Charon” is a very balanced work with the same quality from the beginning ’till the end and it’s the first time they manage to do so. Actually this is their first album that was worked as a full-length, since their debut was in fact a demo, re-released with 2 bonus songs.

Their black metal is mainly in fast tempo, with a few “calmer” parts and the ideas on the guitar riffing, even though aggressive, are at the same time melodic with a sense of melancholy. The lyrics deal with dark concepts of Hellenic mythology and history. All vocals are typical black metal screams, but the lyrics are in Hellenic language, something that fits their concept perfectly and gives them a more personal identity. In their last song “Plutonas” (that works as an outro) they use original ancient lyrics by “Orphic Hymns” and this song is much darker, slower and melodic, adding also some female vocals!

The compositions of the songs are in a very good level compared to their previous release and the only thing that is missing, in my opinion, is a bigger variety in the music. Anyway the album is actually good and they are a great hope for the underground Greek pagan black metal scene. You can listen to their music on the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Athos @ Myspace

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