SALDUIE reveal upcoming album details


Spanish folk metal band Salduie from Zaragoza has revealed the first details of its upcoming second full-length album, entitled “Belos“. It will be released both in digital and physical edition (most probably self-released) and it will be hopefully out before the end of 2016. The concept of the album deals with ‘Belos’, a people of Celt origin that lived in the second century before our era, in the southwest of the present province of Zaragoza. They challenged Rome, triggering one of the longest and most terrible wars of the era, the War of the Fire. This album tells the journey of one of the Belos. Salduie present the wonderful cover artwork designed by Luis Hermosilla and the album tracklist. More details will soon follow.

1. Pax Sempronia 179 a.C.           
2. Carus de Sekaiza
3. Hospitium
4. Bestias Númidas
5. El Aullido de Vaélico
6. Bosnerau
7. Matres
8. Los Fuegos de Belenus
9. Tvrma Sallvitana
10. Netón
11. Atland

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