ARTEP – Black War (Demo)

ARTEP – Black War

Origin: Canada
Genre: Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

Artep is a Canadian black metal band formed in 2005. After their first demo “Fires of Mortal Deception” in 2007, where they played raw black metal with some symphonic elements, they return this November with a new 3-song promo “Black War”. This promo actually works as a “prelude” to their upcoming album “Thy Will be Done on Earth As is Done in Hell”.

This new promo contains one old and two new songs and it has a very nice cover painting… The sound of the band is impressively improved and the symphonic elements much more dominant. There are some line-up changes since the only remaining member is the founder of the band Petra (Artep). She begun the band as a solo project, but it seems that she has finally found a complete line-up, with Vultyrous and Dark. Their music is symphonic black metal with a very good production (mastered by Andy LaRocque!!). There are some extreme parts where fast raw black metal has the leading role and others when soundtrack-type keyboards dominate with very dark melodies. You can find many interesting ideas in the songs with some excellent melodies and the only think I’d like to see in the future is a better “merge” of the two genres (black metal and symphonic music).

I am looking forward to their full-length album, since the band sounds quite original and they have a great improvement (in my opinion) since last year. By the way (for those who care) all of Artep’s members breath fire and their shows are very impressive. Let’s hope they find a label that will distribute their works worldwide. Till then you can visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Artep @ Myspace
Artep @ Facebook

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