ŪKANOSE unveil upcoming debut details

UKANOSE - Ukanose

Baltic folk metal band Ūkanose from Vilnius, Lithuania will release this November its debut full-length album “Ūkanose” via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. The band was formed in 2012 by Linas Petrauskas, Tadas Survila and Vilius Panavas. Among many concerts in Lithuania, they participated in festivals like “Kilkim žaibu 2015”, “Iš kartos į kartą”, “Margos pievos” and “Zobens un Lemess“ in Latvia. Their upcoming album “Ūkanose” consists of nine songs that their fans may already know! Recording and mixing were done by Muzikos laboratorija. The band has revealed the cover artwork, created by Natalia Nadia Osipa. Album design was made by Kornelija Jociūtė. “Ūkanose” is already available for pre-order in their label’s webshop.

1. Ko Liūdi?
2. Brolelių Pulkelis       
3. Užupūtė
4. Ūkanose
5. Skrenc Bitela
6. Gintariniai Kariai
7. Saulės Sodai
8. Gerkime (Corvus Corax Cover)
9. Trijų Seselių (2014 )

Martynas – vocals
Tadas – sccordion
Linas – rythm / solo guitars
Robertas – rythm / solo guitars
Andrius – bass guitar
Vilius – drums

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